Jade’s mission is to make sure that our solution gets visible in all EU markets 🏘️ 🇪🇺

She is involved in a number of other activities. Planning of international business development, the management of partnerships, and all communication that takes place outside of our base in the Czech Republic. She is also responsible for analyzing and monitoring markets in various countries. Jade participates in international events, trade shows, and, more recently, competitions. Due to her French origin, she is the direct voice of BeiT in French-speaking countries. 🇫🇷

What is her view on BeiT? According to Jade, our solution will simply revolutionize the property management industry, since it helps facility and property managers to highly increase their efficiency through digitization, automation, and centralization of all their processes into one platform. She emphasizes that our utility monitoring tool helps tenants save up to 30% of their energy consumption (and bills!).

The added value of the solution is that we streamline the whole value chain of our clients by delegating all their secondary and time-consuming activities to our system. Also, we connect them to all their stakeholders in one seamless ecosystem. To sum up, we allow our clients to focus on what matters the most: their tenants. 

According to Jade, why should a client rely on our solution? 

Jade says, that we in BeiT, are a bit like fortune tellers🔮. Since we have many years of experience and a deep understanding of the sector, we are able to anticipate what our customers are likely to need in the foreseeable future. That is the reason why we have integrated ecological and social values into our solution that makes property, facility managers, and their tenants’ key players in the decarbonization of the most polluting sector. By using our solution, they comply with European Directives based on the ESG criteria and achieve the SDG’s goals🍀 That’s a key argument for their trust in a digital approach.

“We have developed our own hardware devices, Saas platform, and mobile application which enable us to remain agile and adaptable to any changes, whether in customer requirements or legislative measures,” adds Jade, summarizing one of the main reasons that would convince a potential prospective client of a Property Management System.

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