“Its uniqueness lies in the complete change of this segment of the market”

The product designer and father of the graphic design of BeiT products – this is Jan Čenteš, who is responsible for product and graphic design, UX and UI of all products, and the design of all promotional materials. During his time at BeiT, however, he has also tried his hand at the business analysis when implementing new functional models for the Property Management System. 🏠

What does he appreciate about BeiT’s solution? According to Honza, its uniqueness lies in the complete change of this market segment. By his words, BeiT strives to create a functional ecosystem of physical hardware components as well as applications and other tools. Honza is a great visionary and that is why he says that by pushing into the global market, our company has a chance to reach into areas such as ecology and sustainability and therefore, although it sounds like a cliché, have a real chance to change the world for the better.🌳

This is also why, according to Honza, there is no core problem that BeiT is solving. However, to sum up, the whole agenda, he is trying to straighten out all the procedures that are associated with record keeping, billing, distribution in housing, and eliminating the errors that the old methods were churning out like a production belt. 

What would motivate a potential customer to bet on BeiT solutions? According to him, the client must, first of all, understand the overall system interconnectivity. If they only see the advantage of automatic billing, they will not appreciate the overall benefit of the solution. However, if he sees what our ecosystem can manage, he will understand that there is a huge saving of money, time, human resources, and, last but not least, nerves. The residential account will also help the client tackle the new EED legislation. But there are many more ways in which BeiT can help a person, according to Honza.

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