Streamlining Property Operations with
Real-Time Energy and Tenant Data

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Why choosing BeiT

Streamlined operations

Leverage automation to move fast
Be transparent and accessible
to your customers
Automate customer support
and close requests faster
Process financial interactions digitally
Give real-time insights

Accounting Automation

Property managers can streamline accounting operations, reducing traditional method times by 50%. Thanks to digital invoicing. Generating, processing and issuing invoices has never been easier.

Centralized Data

BeiT's comprehensive database allows property managers to efficiently manage tenant data and digital documents through user-friendly web and mobile interfaces and reducing administrative overhead.

Visualized Property

With 3D visualizations like BIM and Mattera 3D scan, property managers gain an unprecedented understanding of their properties. This visual data aids in maintenance planning and decision-making.

Task Management

Property managers benefit from a single platform for communication,and task management. This integration streamlines operations, making it easier to manage building maintenance processes and purchases.

Next level reporting

BeiT provides property managers with automated reporting and analytics, allowing themmonitor property performance in real-time, leading to better-informed choices and optimized operations.

Engaged tenants

Transparent financials with costs savings
Live communication
Convenient self-service
Swift issue resolution
Community satisfaction

Real-time costs

Monitor utility and service expenses monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly in real-time. Tenants can achieve savings of up to 30% by gaining a deeper understanding of their usage and adapting their behavior based on timely utility cost insights.

Payments processing

Simplify financial matters with online payments processing for rent, utilities, service charges, and reserve/sinking funds. Our user-friendly platform saves you time and effort, ensuring payments are hassle-free.

Request submissions

Submit requests effortlessly and receive faster responses to inquiries and issues. This leads to improved living experiences as property managers can address concerns promptly.

Workflow management

Efficiently manage community data digitally, including online contracting, to expedite the move-in process. Our automated approval processing and task assignee automations ensure swift task resolutions.

Engaging the Community

A space for interaction, conversations, polls, event coordination, and building neighbourly relationships. This cultivates a more pleasant and interconnected living atmosphere, drawing  communities closer.

Integrated smart infrastructure

Data-driven decision making
Cross-vendor smart device integration
Build IoT data networks quickly
Digital management of green energy
production, distribution
and consumption
Modern ways to manage infrastructure

Energy monitoring

Real-time smart metering and sensor data analysis. Efficient smart grid management for optimized energy consumption. Comprehensive digital asset management for seamless energy regulation.

Device management

Electronics diagnostics for predictive device maintenance. Regulatory compliance tools to ensure equipment meets standards, plug-and-play support for easy installations and replacements.


Streamlined data management for construction projects. Integration of service requestsfor efficient project oversight. Utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D tools for effective property maintenance.

Visualizations and analytics

Visualize complex data for better decision-making. Utilize analytics tools to gain insights from integrated data sources. Enhance understanding and efficiency in infrastructure management.


BeiT technologies uniquely digitize the entire energy system of any building, reducing energy billing time from a year to one day.
Martin Kroh
SBD Praha
As the only solution on the market, BeiT gave us the opportunity to leave the traditional system of advance payments for utilities and billing monthly and also immediately after moving out.
Richard Farbar
Arcibiskupství Pražské
In the Home Account by BeiT, I found the future of our craft, without exaggeration
Pavel Čada
SBD Ústí nad Orlicí

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