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„To make the Property management system the standard in building management.”

This is the wish of Martin Rabiňák, who manages the entire sales and marketing process related to the launch of the product in the market. His mission is also to optimize processes related to sales, create and analyze sales data, and train new colleagues in the sales team. 

What else did he tell us about his role? 

„My goal is to clearly explain to the customer what the BeiT solution means for them – saving time and money, maximum transparency, control of their own business, and simplification of all processes. The facility management in the 21st century is not about shelves overflowing with completely full binders, but it may be based on a single mobile or PC app.

I believe that thanks to the work of the sales and marketing team, we are increasingly successful in convincing new clients of the meaningfulness of this path,” says Martin, who applies his extensive business skills in BeiT.

According to Martin, the BeiT solution is not just a modification of an already existing software. The BeiT team has built its entire technology from scratch, so to speak, and has ensured that it has responded to every problem and initiative the building manager was dealing with. In Martin’s words, it combines in a clever way sufficient complexity with user-friendliness. 

What else appeals to customers about the Property management system? Martin says it keeps its finger on „the pulse of time” and is constantly being updated and improved. The technical department of BeiT is constantly coming up with new functionalities and optimizations of the time-proven and longtime used ones. According to Martin, the product is designed to be state-of-the-art even decades after its launch.

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