Digital management of residential buildings

Our smart solution offers full-scope of property management agenda.
Centralized building management and remote metering of all types of energy.


Benefits for the



Choose your segment and use simple cost and savings calculator with BeiT solution.

BeiT Ecosystem

The BeiT property management system handles asset management, accounting, and remote energy metering. All easy to manage in an online system with reports for users available via the web and the BeiT mobile app.

Remote utility meters of water, electricity, gas and heat transfer data to the Smart Grid, that automatically process data into the BeiT ERP system, where are ready for property administrators and accountants to report to users, or regulators. For end users, we have mobile application Home Account application.

Property management system (ERP)

Automated management of assets, technical elements, and costs in building management, including remote metering of energy consumption. The innovative BeiT system makes the costs associated with property management and rental transparent.

Central management of all types of energy

BeiT Smart Grid solutions include complex management, monitoring, and metering mechanisms to evaluate captured data for all types of energy. BeiT Smart Grid solution supports electricity, gas, water, heat, and cold.

Energy consumption cost allocation

The simple modular solution includes the management of small and medium-sized energy networks (heating plants, water supply networks, electricity distribution networks, any size of building). In addition, remote access to metering units allows real-time management and optimization of energy flow.


We are not beginners in the property management industry. Our partners trust us, and together we deliver our customers the optimal solution for centralized property and energy management of small, medium, and large buildings.


A highly complex solution where every detail has its purpose. 📱🍀
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„If you see BeiT on a conference or in the pages of Forbes magazine, you know that Laco has a hand in
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„If BeiT had been founded in Silicon Valley, the office would be full of millionaires.“💰🏠
Although Prague is not Silicon Valley, we strongly believe that the words of our former head of marketing, Jana Zbortková, will be fulfilled and that BeiT will really break through. Čtěte více...

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