What is BeiT?

BeiT is a smart solution for facility managers that streams all property-related data and management tools into one efficient ecosystem. This includes sensors that measure utility consumptions, data collection and analytics, ERP, billing, services, planning, CRM, and BIM - all in one comprehensive app.

The business model is designed for B2B (building owners and associations) as well as B2C (apartments owners and tenants), providing time and money savings for everyone in the ecosystem.

BeiT has already signed multiple partnerships with utility providers to secure access to key data.

As of March 2021, BeiT is contracted for 25.000 housing units / 400 buildings, managed by 3 facility managers. The fully-developed software solution is ready for a market launch within the first half of 2021.

BeiT has multiple revenue streams, including subscription models, integrations, hardware sales, and consulting.

Smart utility and facility management via BeiT is based on real time data and is fully compliant with new EU legislation that will require monthly cost overviews starting in January 2022.

BeiT's in-house hardware development for measuring utilities is an integral part of the smart building solution.