Smart Property Management

BeiT provides leading-edge products for intelligent property management of any size,  and remote energy monitoring, control and optimization.

  • Property administration
  • Remote metering of energies
  • Automated data processing
  • Automated billing and payments
  • Compatible with EU EED directive

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Smart property administration

Property management solution is the easiest way to manage building assets and maintain administration events. BeiT ERP supports a full range of services, including costs, maintenance, billing, invoicing, payments and reporting.

Remote energy management

The modular Smart Grid solution enables real-time monitoring, control and optimization of any type of energy. The remote energy management system developed by BeiT supports cutting-edge technologies and is compatible with EU regulatory standards.

Data automation and reporting

Automated data collection and processing gives the advantage of minimising day-to-day building maintenance operations and maximising monitoring, optimisation and reporting capabilities for efficient maintenance of any size building.

Smart property management

Property management and maintenance and remote energy monitoring for buildings of any size. A desktop and mobile platform with a simple user interface and cloud allows for complete remote building maintenance.