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“Hello, my name is Alexa, how I can help you?”

Although our Alexa is not a smartphone virtual assistant, the name match is probably not accidental. In fact, she is an integral part of our team, where she plays a very important role and isn’t absent from anything that happens in BeiT.

What is her mission? Alexa says satisfaction and puts a smile on the face of the whole team. Well… that takes a lot of work. 💪

Officially, her position is called Operations professional. This involves coordinating the entire office, including financial administration, personal assistance to the CEO and a variety of other jobs. In her own words, she also helps her colleagues in hardware development with her hands and feet. 

We asked her what she thinks makes the BeiT solution unique. According to Alexa, it is a convenient modern system that makes people clearly aware of their energy costs and more aware of their waste. She realizes that unnecessarily running water impacts not only her wallet but more importantly, nature. Alexa believes that by having a daily overview of their financial expenditure on energy consumption, people will start to think more about these habits. She adds that the BeiT system will open the eyes of many who have been wasting energy. 🍀

And why does Alexa think people should choose the BeiT solution?

It’s the 21st century. We have machines to help us. The BeiT solution is the only system on the market that is comprehensive enough to handle all the agenda that comes with managing an apartment building. What’s more, it represents a minimal investment for the user. The resounding argument is that BeiT solutions can save people up to 30 % on their energy bills. In the context of the current energy crisis, it is clear that BeiT represents a clear path. 

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