“If you see BeiT on a conference or in the pages of Forbes magazine, you know that Laco has a hand in it.” 📺🎙️📰

Laco Vencel is the head of marketing at BeiT. Under his wing falls all the building of marketing strategy and PR. If you see BeiT at a conference or in the pages of Forbes magazine, you know that Laco has a hand in it. 📺🎙️📰

In his words, he has a big advantage in his position as he says, with a bit of exaggeration, that he mostly doesn’t solve any problems. On the contrary, he brings ideas on how to bring our product to the public better so that all aspects of it are well understood by the end customer. However, given that the BeiT solution includes not only the software but also the hardware part, this is quite a challenging task. 

Laco says that BeiT didn’t invent the wheel but brought about the evolution that gave it the engine. He is not afraid to call the solution revolutionary, as the shift it has made in the completely outdated property and energy management system lives up to that label. According to Laco, the end customer gets an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for multiple vendors by integrating all processes under one system. 

According to Laco, why should one put their trust in the hands of BeiT? To this day, property management, except perhaps accounting, is a purely manual job. Managers are forced to knock on apartment doors and work with piles of non-transparent paperwork. 📝 We don’t know how you like it, but Laco has a clear opinion – he doesn’t want to live in such a world in the 21st century. 

However, the situation is completely different with the Property Management System, as all processes related to building management are handled online.📱Energy consumption readings are taken every hour, and any breakdowns and repairs are solved immediately, not a year after a burst pipe is discovered thanks to a bill. 

„The job of property managers is no honeypot. Hundreds of operations they perform daily can nowadays be taken off their shoulders and this burden can be shifted to the Property Management System,” Laco sums up. 

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