Helicopter overview of BeiT’s technological innovations

Meet Radek Fiala, who no one here at BeiT calls other than „Raf”. In BeiT, he leads a team of technological enthusiasts who create and further improve our technological edge. We’ve decided to interview Raf and introduce you to his daily working life. 🍞➡️

The essence of Raf’s job is to develop, manufacture, operate and service various IoT technologies dedicated to Smart Metering. But their scope does not end with devices, they go further with deploying and maintaining also the backbone of our solution, the IoT data networks, and AI, dedicated to energy and utility savings. 

His days are filled with inventions most of which remain invisible to end-users. They remain in the black box of our powerful technologies. But in the end, it’s their invisibility and automation that makes the results so extremely convenient to clients. He keeps the motto: the best technologies are those which serve their purpose without bothering anyone. Smart technologies also allow BeiT’s solutions to grow without limits since they save on manpower.. 

Raf’s focus is on the development of monitoring and sensing systems, representing a next-generation communication network for all stakeholders – facility and property managers, energy distributors, and tenants alike. 

What makes BeiT’s solution unique, according to Raf?

First and foremost all data and property management processes happen in one database. Then it’s their absolute digitization, which almost completely frees the property managers and clients from manual work. It opens up the possibility for automated processes that were simply not possible without this fully digital setup. By moving all actions into a smart mode, the entire workflow to manage a building is greatly simplified and the risk of potential errors are minimized. 

Raf says that the main reason why customers should rely on BeiT is that the layout of our management ecosystem represents the most logical conclusion for anyone who knows anything about remote building management and has thought about it for a while. It’s a logical architecture that meets all of the manager’s needs in the most efficient way possible and is constantly „one step ahead” in terms of innovation. 

„You won’t find anything better on the market today,” he adds with confidence. 

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