Smart Grid Solution

The Smart Grid is a communication network for electricity producers, distributors, and consumers. Smart Grids enable real-time control of electricity generation and consumption, locally and globally.

  • Custom transmission and control modules for energy metering and remote sensing that meet global standards.
  • Integration and management of any energy system in the smart grid Data-driven analysis, optimization, and regulation.
  • Monitoring, trend analysis, static information, automated alerts and notifications

Central evidence for all energy types

Our Smart Grid solution includes complex management, monitoring, metering mechanisms, and data evaluation systems for all types of energy. Our Smart Grid solution supports electricity, gas, water, heat, and A/C.

Control, regulate and optimize energy

The simple, modular solution includes the management of small and medium-sized energy networks, including heating plants, water supply networks, and electricity distribution networks. With remote access to metering units, our Smart Grid solution allows real-time control and optimization of energy flow.

Statistics, analysis and reporting

With on-demand data covering every aspect of property management, you can set up and manage automated outputs for management and regulatory authorities.

Smart Grid

Automate energy management for all energy types in one place. Digital management of local energy networks and production. Automatic real-time metering and control. Analysis, optimization, and reporting.