A highly complex solution where every detail has its purpose. 📱🍀

These are the words that Hanh Bui Thuy, our Chief Product Officer (CPO), used to describe BeiT‘s comprehensive product. The Property Management System, the remote energy reading system and the mobile app for end-users are all constantly evolving in the hands of her teams and bringing more and more possibilities to their users. But that’s not all Hanh revealed about her position…

No more Excel spreadsheets, cluttered e-mail inboxes or internal drives. ⛔

With the Property Management System, all data and processes are in one place and have an order, while being updated hourly, instead of once a year. This, according to Hanh, is one of many things that makes BeiT unique on the market. 

It allows clients to manage their households’ costs easily and transparently, but also significantly reduces these costs. It responds dynamically to its users’ suggestions and further expands the comprehensive system. Once customers understand how much work they can avoid at the touch of a button, they realize that our solution represents the real future of building management.  🏠

Hanh’s mission is not just development, but the entire „end-to-end” process of the software and hardware components and its delivery. She personally oversees the design of each component, managing the development cycles, business analysis, testing and implementation of the technology to the customer, including onboarding.

And as a rising star of the tech industry, she’s also giving interviews on occasions such as this one in the Fintree magazine. 👉  https://fintree.cz/rozhovory/hanh-bui-thuy-z-beit-rozhovor/
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