Building Account

The Building Account is a system for automated housing cost management and remote energy utility metering. It makes the costs associated with managing and renting properties transparent.

  • Unify, streamline, and make transparent the costs of real estate management, use, and rental 
  • Manage accounting and all types of expenses including property, assets, employee payroll, and vendor invoicing 
  • Use automations to keep energy metering, management, billing and accounting under control

Central administration of building costs

The Building Account manages all types of costs and assets associated with building management. Operational tasks like inspections, breakdowns, repairs, and more, are made easy.

Management for all types of energy

The Building Account manages the outputs of complex management, monitoring, energy metering, and systems of data evaluation. The Smart Grid solution supports electricity, gas, water, heat, and A/C energy.

Billing and accounting data

The Building Account solution includes complete management and automation of all types of operational costs, their accounting, and billing, and their optimization. The system supports all types of standard accounting outputs, customized reports, and more.

Building Account

Innovative accounting system for property managers with support for all types of costs associated with property management and rental. The Building Account system digitizes and automates routine property management tasks.