Smart management for Energy distributors

Remote metering and control of the power grid with our modular Smart Grid system. Technical management, documentation, and reporting for distributors and energy suppliers. Clear data evidence and regulatory outputs. Meets the requirements of EED directives.

  • Real-time remote metering of all types of energy transfer, in full compliance with EU EED legislation. Stand-alone transmission and control modules, remote data capture for energy distribution, and distribution network optimization.
  • Central data evidence for all types of operational and commercial documentation — contracts, logs, reviews, audits, statistics, trends, and data automation.
  • Technical support and management of the energy network. Management of technical elements including digital identification, and localization. Manage revisions, events, and emergency situations, and monitor get notified of accidents and excess energy flow situations.

Management and optimization of all types of energy

The simple, modular solution includes the management of small and medium-sized energy networks, including heating plants, water supply networks, and electricity distribution networks. With remote access to metering units, our Smart Grid solution allows real-time control and optimization of energy flows.

Central data record

Data records for heating plants, water supply networks, and electricity distribution networks, including digital records of all data and energy network management. Passporting of infrastructure and technical elements. Recording of network elements and their hierarchy and structure.

Energy network technical administration

Technical management of the energy network and energy supply (water, electricity, gas, heat, A/C). Digital identification and localization of elements of technical records using QR codes. Recording, monitoring, and notification of operational, revision, and emergency situations.

Smart management for energy distributors

Modular Smart Grid solution enables remote energy network measurement and control for all types of energy. Technical administration, documentation, and reporting for energy distributors and suppliers. Meets all EU legal standards.