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Our solution allows you to seamlessly collect real-time data from various smart meters, for all utilities such as electricity, water, heating, gas, or cooling. The system can handle both supplier metering and sub-metering, and makes use of the full power of IoT devices. With our scalable solution, we can cater to any building, regardless of its age or setup.



Integrated with our utility metering systems, our system automatically calculates and generates individual bills for each tenant based on their current consumption. Annually, quarterly, monthly, or even daily. Including different billing structures and rates, such as fixed or variable rates, time-of-use rates, or peak-demand rates. It also incorporates other charges or fees, such as service charges. Manage the collection of payments through online payment platforms and track the status of payments in real-time.


Analyze data from different sources, such as utilities, financial records, maintenance logs, and tenant occupancy to get insights into the overall performance of the property or portfolio. Customizable dashboards, real-time data visualization, and the ability to generate reports on demand.


Automate your accounting processing with preset workflows for defining analytical accounts for accounts payable. Eliminate the need for manual data entry and reduce error handling via digital invoice character scanning. Automated billing is embedded into the accounting process without any manual interaction, streamlining your financial management and reducing workload.


Digital approval workflows that route the purchase requisitions to the appropriate approvers based on predefined rules. The approvers can approve, reject, or request additional information. Manage supplier information, including contact details, pricing, and contract terms.


Various digital twin integrations. Predictive maintenance tools for scheduling maintenance and avoiding costly breakdowns and downtime.

Digital maintenance requests submission allows tenants and building staff to easily submit maintenance requests through the web or mobile application. These requests are then automatically routed to the appropriate staff for action. Real-time updates on the status, allowing to track progress and ensure timely resolution.

Tenant engagement

Our tenant engagement application offers real-time utility spend monitoring and analytics, payment overviews, service request submission, communication, document management, and many more features to facilitate efficient building management.


Track lease terms, renewal dates, rentconditions and other important details for efficient interactions with tenants. Manage leads and prospects with integrations into CRM tools and property listings.