Smart Property Management 

for Homeowners Association

Smart Property Management is an online system for the community of homeowners. Contract registration and management, remote energy metering, accounting, and reporting templates for owners and authorities.

  • Automated billing of expenses and energies to the apartment, flat, or house owners with simple operations of the system.
  • Transparent technical support of buildings including all types of assets and energy meters. Management of technical assets revisions, events, and emergency situations at glance.
  • Online client center and mobile app for communication with property owners and tenants.

Billing of expenses and energies

Accounting and billing for property management expenses and energy consumption have never been easier. The Smart Grid system automatically reads the energies, and the "bytove konto" system calculates everything. Using templates, you can then export all the necessary statements and send them out by email or in paper form.


Technical support of any size of real estate

Technical management of the building and energy supplies like water, electricity, gas, heat, and cold in its simple form. Recording and control of revision events, notification, and monitoring of emergency situations. Everything is in one system at glance. Convenient for administrators, clear for clients.

Client centre in mobile and on the web

A client center on the web and in the mobile app will help improve communication between management and property owners. It will help with record-keeping, attendance lists, and also clearly display the current level of expenses and energy consumption.


Smart property management for homeowners association

Managing and communicating between management and building owners has never been easier and clearer. The system "Bytove konto" and Smart Grid system brings digitalization to an outdated management system.


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